About RealFoodGuy

I’m a 40-year-old husband and dad who lives in northeast Florida.  I also love food.  In recent years, my health, budget, and tastes have compelled me to learn to be a better cook.  RealFoodGuy is about my continuing journey into the world of cookery.

I am also a picky eater.  I’m very sensitive to sour and bitter.  Some things that taste good to other people don’t appeal to me at all.  Many “acquired tastes” are beyond the current confines of my pallet.  This meant that when I was first learning to cook, there were precious few things I could cook that I truly liked.

I’m starting to expand my repertoire a bit.  There are still constraints; my wife has a pepper allergy (capsicum, not piper nigrum) so many popular recipes are either avoided, highly modified or made for my lunches.  I also have some dietary restrictions, but they’re in place to avoid bigger ones down the road.

What can you expect here?  I’ll share recipes that I’m enjoying, tips on cooking, and reviews of gear that I use.  I’m not a photographer, but I’ll share pics of the good stuff when I can.  Until they perfect scratch-n-sniff internet, it’s the best I can do.


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