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Pseudo Vide Duck

Sous Vide has been around since the 1970’s, but in recent years it’s gained a big following among professional chefs and home foodies alike.  The basics are simple: food is seasoned, vacuum-packed and placed in a water bath that is … Continue reading

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What do I mean by “Real Food?”

I was eating dinner the other night when understanding found its way into the miry depths of my skull.  I’ve thought of myself as a bit of a “foodie” for a few years now.  I enjoy cooking, especially when I … Continue reading

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Welcome to my kitchen!

In the beginning, was the food.  And it was good! That’s really where this all starts.  The food.  I love food.  It’s pretty obvious to anyone who knows me.  I have many interests in this life, along with a very … Continue reading

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